Wake Women is a podcast for, by and about the women of Wake Forest University. In each episode, fifth-generation alumna Mary Tribble (’82, MA ’19) sits down with a female Wake Forester who inspires her. This show brings you intelligent, thought-provoking reflections from successful women whose experiences will inspire you to be your best self.

Episodes drop biweekly on Fridays.

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Wake Women

We would like to thank these committed Wake Forest Alumnae who helped shape the Wake Women podcast in its formative time: Carol Adams, Kellie Dupree, Megan Hoyt, Polly Fields, Cheryl Fischer, Jana Fritz, Magdelon Harris, Samantha Kruse, Kate Maloney, Catharine McNally, Allison McWilliams, Lisa Quisenberry, Cazandra Rebollar, Jennifer Richwine, Tiffany Tate and Sarah Taylor

Life is not something that happens to you; it’s something you make happen! Join actor, writer and producer Kate Lambert (’03) as Mary Tribble (’82, MA ’19) learns about how she took the leading role in her own career. In the competitive world of entertainment, Lambert learned early on that she needed to set the stage for her own success. Hear Lambert’s funny and poignant stories about her successes, setbacks and dreams for the future.

Kate Lambert

Wake Forest alumna Kate Lambert is an actor, improviser, writer and producer. She co-created, executive produced, wrote and starred in “Teachers,” which ran for three seasons and 50 episodes on TV Land. Tim Goodman of “The Hollywood Reporter” said of her performance, “[Lambert] made me laugh harder than I have in a long time.”

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Lambert has a recurring role on “Physical” on Apple TV+ and has appeared on “Reno 911!,” “Tab Time,” “The Last Show Left on Earth,” the “Today” show, “Last Call” with Carson Daly, and the film “How to Ruin the Holidays.” She has done voiceover work for “American Dad” and voices a recurring character on “Tab Time.” Lambert has performed at the John F. Kennedy Center and La Jolla Playhouse, and she has appeared in “TBS Just for Laughs” and in Second City’s 101st Mainstage revue, “Let Them Eat Chaos.” She is an alumna of the Second City Touring Company and iO Chicago.

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